About Us

About Us

Sick & Tired Of Watching Everyone Else Using Cool Glass Bongs To Sesh With While Your Still Using a Sauce Bottle?

About Us -

MYBONGMATE, Proudly Australian Owned & Offering World-Wide Shipping On All Our Products.

Look No Further Australia's New Number One Destination For Choice In Range Of 420 Inspired Quality Products.

Being A 420 Enthusiast For Years The Passion Is Now The Foundation & Inspirational Force For Our Business. The Benefit To Our Customers Is That It Locks In a Solid Range Of Banging Products That Have Been Conveniently Sourced For Our 420 Community To Easily Now Access And Enjoy.

We Are Sure To Become Your New Bestie & Personal '420 Sesh Specialist'. 

Join Our 420 Community "One Stop Shop" Today. Offering You A Variety Of Quality Products That Our Team Are Sourcing Daily to ensure You'll Find The Hottest Trending Must Have Items First Time & Every Time @ Australia's New Favourite 420 Smoking Accessories Destination MYBONGMATE.

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