Is Cannabidiol Oil Legal in Australia? - CBD & Medical Cannabis Facts

Is Cannabidiol Oil Legal in Australia? - CBD & Medical Cannabis Facts -




Is cannabidiol oil legal in Australia? Contrary to what many Australians think, cannabidiol therapeutics like CBD oil are not currently legal in Australia. 


At present, products like CBD hemp oil are still classified as Schedule 4 Controlled Drugs in Australia. Here, we’ll, therefore, look at everything Australians need to know about how to legally acquire and use CBD as of 2020.


Why Isn’t Cannabidiol Oil Legal in Australia?


At 420 Evolution, we strive to be Australia’s No.1 online store for high-quality smoking and vaping accessories. Because of this, we are committed to keeping you as informed as possible about the current state of CBD and medical cannabis.


At present, most Australians are aware that medical cannabis that contains psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is available by prescription only. However, relatively few Australians are aware of the fact that cannabidiol oil is also a controlled substance.

  • Some Australians mistakenly assume that because cannabidiol oil is legal in places like the United States, it is legal here in Australia also.
  • Every year, thousands of Australians buy cannabidiol oil therapeutics from overseas. However, most do so without realizing that they are breaking the law.
  • At present, there is a push by some Australian doctors to have cannabidiol oil therapeutics made legal to buy in pharmacies. However, as of 2020, this push is still a work in progress.


As for why cannabidiol oil isn’t legal in Australia, the reason is simple. Most CBD therapeutics still contain trace amounts of THC. Traces that are present won’t usually result in psychoactive effects. However, the fact that traces exist means that CBD oil can still be classified as a Schedule 4 Drug.


How to Access Cannabidiol Oil Legally in Australia


At present, there are two ways to obtain cannabidiol oil legally in Australia.

 In all Australian states, GPs can apply for prescriptions for CBD therapeutics, through what is called the 'Special Access Scheme' (SAS). When this is the case, your doctor won’t be able to write you a prescription the same day you have your appointment. Instead, your GP will have to apply to the Special Access Scheme first, before waiting for them to approve requests.


Alternatively, Australians can access CBD oil and other CBD therapeutics, by visiting clinics that specialize in cannabidiol prescriptions. In both cases, though, you will need to satisfy a few basic treatment conditions.

  • You must have a medical condition that has been diagnosed by a registered Australian medical practitioner.
  • Typically, patients who qualify for CBD prescriptions are those who suffer from chronic conditions like epilepsy or cancer treatment-induced nausea.
  • When patients do qualify for CBD prescriptions, they usually only do so when other conventional forms of treatment have proven ineffective.


What is CBD Oil Prescribed for in Australia?


At present, the SAS will typically approve cannabidiol oil 500mg and higher dose prescriptions, only when patients suffer from chronic pain and certain neurological disorders.


Is Cannabidiol Oil Legal in Australia? - CBD & Medical Cannabis Facts -


If you suffer from migraines, PTSD, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel syndrome, or epilepsy, there is a good chance that you will qualify for a CBD prescription. However, your GP will not prescribe medical cannabis or CBD oil to treat minor ailments. Nor will you qualify for a medical cannabis prescription if you already rely on drugs that might interact with CBD.


What Happens if I Just Buy CBD Oil Online?


Are you an Australian who has not been successful in obtaining a prescription for medical cannabis or CBD oil? If so, you might decide to risk buying CBD online from overseas. If you do this, though, you do run a very real risk of criminal prosecution.


Some CBD products do reach Australian customers without any problem. However, Australian border security does check incoming mail and imports for illegal substances. This being the case, we advise that Australians only attempt to access CBD and medical cannabis through what legal channels are currently available.   


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