How To Clean Your Hookah! In 3 Simple Steps!

How To Clean Your Hookah! In 3 Simple Steps!


How To Clean Your Hookah!

In 3 Simple Steps!

The party is over now but how to clean your hookah. You might be supposed, OMG, what is this new trouble. Isn't it, right? Why do you wonder about it even being at the correct station?

We understand how hectic this hookah rinsing session is for you. It is, maybe because you are clueless about the simple methods to clean it up. So, today we have put the hookah cleaning into consideration and have listed step-by-step entire guidance for you.


We have adjusted a 3 step simple formula for comforting you with your hookah brushing. So, without getting more tensed let’s take a free look at these steps.


How To Clean Your Hookah!  In 3 Simple Steps! -



To make your hookah perfect for the next attempt, detach every single part from it for rinsing. Split up grommet, trays, hose, adapters, hookah bowl, and of course the hookah pipe from the base. Closely observe which component is giving rise to other and from where every part is connected. You will expect to join it later, that’s why it is essential to be familiar with this technique. 

QUICK TIP: The glass of your hookah will get easily cracked if handled harshly. So, be gentle with it.



Take all the components of your hookah to the sink and start washing it. At first, rinse it with water. Afterward, you have 2 options to wash it with- a dishwashing soap, or lemon juice.

You have applied the dishwashing soap but still, your hookah is smelly and a bit shabby. What are the brushes for then dear? Use your brushes to get fine and shine results. The important thing to remember here is, not to rapidly change the hot water into cold or vice versa while washing it. The glass of your hookah will immediately get burst with this unfortunate act.

QUICK TIP: The use of warm water is highly recommended while cleaning hookah. So, try to wipe your flavoring partner with some warm water.



Now, when you have accomplished the cleaning operation, it is time for the parts to get back to their position. Let all the parts semi-dry or dry before rearranging them. Recall the process to connect each part back that you learned while splitting them up. So, it is now a matter of two minutes for you to get them settled again.

QUICK TIP: Assemble the pieces and adjust them properly to their place for staying away from a problem lately.



Hookah is reusable equipment if taken care of properly. That's why we thought it valuable to make you understand its cleaning importance and channelized this how to clean your hookah session.

With these quick and easy steps, you'll be able to get your hookah neat and sterile within minutes. No need to ask anyone else for help, no hardships in cleaning. Just interpret these steps into working and your hookah will be as polished and smooth as you bought it first.

Do you ever think, Hookah cleaning is this much easy? Or it cost just 5 minutes of scrubbing? Tell us in the comment section below.
Hope you enjoyed reading - 

How To Clean Your Hookah! In 3 Simple Steps!


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