Tornado Bong Ultra Shock Glass - Blog Post

Tornado Bong Ultra Shock Glass - Blog Post



Bongs, the de-facto tool used by most crack-heads and weed enthusiasts to consume their favorite strains.


You can use them for cannabis, tobacco, and other herbal compounds but you already knew that. You might have used glass bongs for glass products until now which, granted, are among the best materials a bong can be made of.


However, I bet you haven’t tried a silicone bong before. You can think of it as the sturdier, near-indestructible cousin of the fragile glass bong. While a glass bong in Australia would crack or even shatter on the smallest collision, a silicone bong is quite resilient. You can drop it, step on it, use it to crack a hobo's skull, or even play baseball with it. Nothing can damage this guy.


Tornado Bong Ultra Shock Glass - Blog Post -


Among silicone bongs, the Billie Jean brand is well-known for its high-quality and sturdy products. We've gone ahead and tested one just to make sure we bring you the best information possible. These were our findings, corroborated with online evidence:


➢ They are very resilient to impacts and near-indestructible. We’ll repeat this just to emphasize its sturdiness

➢ Perfect for traveling with them. You can play Origami with it and it’ll still work. After you manage to untangle it back into its former shape, that is

➢ Very easy to clean. Due to how resilient and elastic they are, you can clean the Billie Jean silicone bongs much easier than glass bongs.

➢ Affordable – silicone bongs are much cheaper than glass bongs. With $100 or less, you can get a great silicone bong that’ll last you for a lifetime. The Billie Jean bong is only $95, for instance.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you’d choose a silicone bong over a glass one. It’s more resilient and shock-proof, you can clean it much more easily, and you won’t be dumping so much money in it.


However, there’s are a few things we haven’t talked about yet.


Why Billie Jean bongs and not other silicone bongs?


What makes the Billie Jean bong special and why would you pick this one over the gazillion other brands?


That’s a good question but it shows you’re not a veritable bong connoisseur. Which is fine. After all, we all have to start somewhere with our learning process. You see, comparing Billie Jean bongs with other silicone bongs is a blasphemy, to begin with. There's nothing to compare.


It’s like seriously comparing the taste of a premium McDonald’s burger with a third-rate burger would-be sandwich that tastes like 100-year old goat foreskin.

Similarly, the Billie Jean silicone bong is light-years away in quality, resilience, and taste from any other silicone bong on the market.


You can get it in any color you want. Being made from silicone, it’s a piece of cake to manufacture it in any color of the rainbow. This way, you’ll get a truly magical and fairylike bong for your ephemeral trips on Space Cookies. Cannabis is an ideal choice to go with such a majestic bong, don’t you think so?


We’d recommend you choose a more potent cannabis strain to truly feel the awesomeness of using this bong. GSC or the Ghost OG strains work just fine for this occasion. They’re very potent cannabis strains, after all. You can partake in some crazy psychedelic experiences while gazing at the mesmerizing colored whirlwind of your bong!


Smoke your way to infinity and beyond with the latest Billie Jean Silicone bong! MyBongMate's Sure to have you covered this Lockdown!


Like we previously said, we did a test run of this great bong. The results were as we expected – out of this world. After placing a bit of Sour Diesel in the bowl and burning it, the resulting smoke was smooth and creamy, just how we like it.


The flavor and the aroma of the weed transitioned perfectly through the tube. It’s a much more pleasant and smoother sensation compared to smoking a joint. Which is to be expected from one of the best bongs in the industry.


Moreover, we hardly felt a strange taste in your mouths. Generally, silicone and plastic bongs slightly alter the taste of whatever you’re smoking. It’s the material’s fault here. Glass bongs are the cleanest when it comes to zero weird aftertastes.


However, the Billie Jean bong surprised us in a pleasant way when it comes to taste and aroma. Down to scale, we’d rate this a 9.7/10 when it comes to preserving the taste of the weed. It comes incredibly close to the purity of a glass bong, which says a lot about its overall quality.


Tornado Bong | Ultra Shock Glass - Blog Post - MyBongMates |  -


It's safe to say that the hardiness and flexibility of this bong completely make up for the 0.3 point-difference in taste. We were very pleased with it and we’d heartfully recommend it to anyone who’s a bit airheaded and clumsy. No matter how careful you are, those glass bongs are just too fragile.


You never know when they might leap off the couch and break themselves. Or when someone (definitely not you) drops it too hard in a backpack. That’s why we have these silicone bongs – they never break. No matter how you brutalize them.


Where can you find Billie Jean bongs?


Finding Billie Jean bongs is harder than it sounds. They aren't available just about anywhere. Our online bong shop, MyBongMate, is Australia's number one one-stop-shop for bongs and other accessories. We are the main supplier in this part of the world. Our top-quality products come from world-leading manufacturers.


To buy bongs online, you should visit our website. We have a large variety of products on the stock just waiting for you to try them out, including ozbongs. 


Do you want to get off ya tree and doze off on a good dose of weed with our premium bongs? Well, you can do that with our bongs in Australia!


The bong shop we represent has a series of Billie Jean silicone bongs straight from the production line. The reviews on the product page should tell a pretty self-explanatory story about their quality.


Buy one now while it’s still available!


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