How To Make Beer Bong With These 7 Easy Steps!

How To Make Beer Bong With These 7 Easy Steps! 




If you haven't had your fair share of beer pong games at after-graduation, prom, and college parties, you might have missed a great deal of craziness. And, if you already love the taste of it, you must have heard this exciting thing that allows the beer to be swilled down and goes by the name of Beer Bong.


Beer is the most loved beverage available in almost all parts of the world. This cheap way to seek out the buzz is a go-to beverage of millions, and if I make a wild guess, it is the drink that gave you your first hangover, Right?  You may find it overpowering and bitter if it is your first time, but you will soon be at peace with its 'beery flavor.'


Over time, beer lovers have come up with unique games and ideas to make this beer-drinking more exciting and fun. A Beer bong is a DIY beer funnel that pours all the beer from the horn directly into your mouth in a single go. It is used by youngsters who love to play with beverages and find it interesting to consume a lot of beer at once.


Here's how you can add the fun that Frank "The Tank" had in Old School after funneling a beer to your party. So, everyone shouts, 'Fill it up again! Fill it up again! Once it hits your lips, it is so good!'


A beer bong can be purchased from My Bong Mate, but if you have some extra funnels sitting in your garage, it is always a good idea to jump-start your creative brain and make a cold beer bong out of it.


How To Make Beer Bong With These 7 Easy Steps!


Get these things from your local department store to make your beer bong at home and feel those jitters after kicking some good beer in.

  • Funnels - preferably the ones with the large size
  • 3 feet kink-free tubing with outer diameter of 1-inch
  • Two hose clamps
  • One screwdriver to tight fix those clamps around the tube
  • One ball valve
  • 2 Plastic Connectors
  • One 4-inch tube



Step 1 - Wash off all the dirt


You might not want to flush the junk and bacteria directly into your mouth, so clean and disinfect the tubes, valves, funnel and clamps and connectors and dry them.


Step 2 – Fix the Tube onto the funnel spout


Take the funnel and cut that extra spout, 1-inch spout works best for the beer bongs, now fix the 3-feet clear vinyl tubing onto the funnel spout, and push it back as far as it can go to make a reliable connection. 


Pro-tip – This is beer bong is impressive for one beer, but if you want to have extra shots of beer, you can always increase the tube's length, i.e., 9 feet for three beers sounds perfect!


Step 3 – Clamp down the funnel to the tubing


Take 1 hose clamp and tight it around the tubing in which you inserted the funnel; use a screwdriver to secure it in place.


Step 4 – Now it is time to connect the valve with PVC connectors


Fix the connectors on both sides of the valve such that both the valve openings are closed.


Pro tip – Valve gives you the authority to close and open the flow, so make sure your valve doesn't stick and doesn't leak.


Step 5 – Fix the tube with a funnel with one side of the valve


Take the second clamp and place it around the second end of the funnel tubing. Fix this tube end with a connector that is fixed with the valve. Secure the clamp using a screwdriver so that the tube and connector stay in place and are air-tight.


Step 6 – Put an extra small piece of tube on the second end of the connector 


Lastly, place a separate 4-inch tube piece on the second connector end. This little piece of the pipe will be used to send the beer straight into your gut.

Voila! Your very own beer bong is ready to rock that party. 

Pro tip – You do not need to secure this one with a clamp because you may want to take it off and wash it after every use.


Step 7 – Add the fun with customized colors and stickers


To make your beer bong a lot more fun, you can use color-coordinated tubes and funnels. You can add stickers and customize your beer bong with spray paints and a lot more.




To amplify your party, close the valve and add your beer in the funnel. Once the tube is filled with beer, stand on your knees, and ask your friend to hold the funnel for you. Put the small piece of tube in your mouth and when ready, open it and let the belly get filled with the crazy amount of beer without splitting a drop.

Or compete against your friend to know who throws up or passes out first, and win it all.




  • Although beer bongs are fun to use, please do not get overwhelmed by it and drink responsibly.
  • Second, choose a tube made with plastic approved by the FDA; placing a low-grade pipe in the mouth can be dangerous.
  • Make sure the plastic piece you put in your mouth isn't scraped, not to injure your mouth.
  • Make yourself a double beer bong if you can smash out.
  • For a better beer bong experience, drink beer that is at room temperature.


How To Make Beer Bong With These 7 Easy Steps! CONCLUSION – 


Carry it wherever you like and double the fun of your games; it is easy to use and easy to handle. Be it a tailgate party, your best friend's birthday party, spring break, homecoming, or a wedding, add your favorite liquor in the funnel, and chug down those beverages in the most electrifying way with this beer bong.


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