Blog Post Tornado Bong Ultra Shock Glass -

Blog Post Tornado Bong  Ultra Shock Glass -


When it comes to bongs, we can have various levels of quality, depending on the bong's material. Glass bongs take first place, followed by silicone, ceramic, bamboo, metal, and so on.


Each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Glass bongs are generally extremely fragile and breakable. However, they also maintain an unmatched purity of taste, regardless of what you’re smoking.


Today’s top pick is the Tornado Bong. This bong is a unique type of glass bong that allows you to dazzle your hard-hitting weed-smoking friends. What this bong does is create a tornado effect from the smoke inside it.


I’m not going to bore you with the technicalities because you probably don’t care about them. Think of it like this – through some scientific mumbo-jumbo thingies, the smoke inside the bong will take the shape of a tornado with the help of added water.


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Why is this a thing?


Why does the Tornado bong exist, in other words? Because it looks dope as hell, that’s why. You’re telling me that creating a swirling whirlwind while smoking weed is not dope? I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one. This bong not only keeps your weed's taste intact, but it also presents a side-show for you to enjoy. What's not to like?


However, that’s not all it does. Through this action of creating a tornado, your smoke becomes clearer and purer. Through the spinning motion, all debris and resin disappear from the equation. The result is a supremely smooth smoke that'll give you a taste of heavenly paradise. In fact, we can guarantee that you won't want to return to a standard glass bong after you've tried this tornado bong.


To use it effectively, you just have to draw pressure from the bong steadily. Don't draw too hard because that way, you'll cause turbulence in the bong, and you'll get a taste of bong water. Or a mouthful of water, for that matter. You won’t create a tornado but some fizzy bubbles. A light draw won’t be enough to cause a tornado either. At the very most, you’ll see a small strand of anemic smoke going upwards.


There is only one way to do this properly, and that is to steadily and slowly draw the smoke. Not too hard, but not too little either. Imagine sipping on hot cocoa in the middle of winter, knowing that if you sip too much, you'll burn your lips and tongue. That’s the force of suction I want you to apply. In other words, don’t draw like your life depended on it and don’t play the role of an asthmatic with hardcore anemia either. Simple, right?


Blog Post Tornado Bong  Ultra Shock Glass -

Better than Helix bongs


You’ve probably heard of Helix bongs and what they do. To put it simply, they do pretty much the same thing as this Tornado bong. With a slight difference – a Helix bong doesn’t filter out the resin and the debris from the smoke. It doesn’t bring out the entire potential of the herbal flavors, and it doesn't make you go wild with ecstasy either.


This means that, while you will see a tornado form from the smoke, the taste will be a classic, boring one. There’s no flavorful oomph added in. If you want the oomph, you choose the Tornado bong. There are no ifs and buts about this one.


One of the biggest reasons for using this bong is that it allows you to have a great smoke with purified herbal extracts. Moreover, I can smell it on you that you also want to impress your friends and anyone else who decides to partake in a smoking session. The smoke tornado will achieve its desired effect in a split second.


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You'll become the head honcho of your little party, and everyone will adulate you as soon as you pull off that first tornado. Next thing you know, everyone will want a piece of that bong or you for that matter. Try not to get too violent with it, though. It's a glass bong, after all, and it can easily shatter given a strong enough nudge.


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Naturally, we have the best Tornado bongs on the market, all tested and tried. We experimented with them, and this is what we liked about it:


➢ Great smoke filtration

➢ Easy-to-clean percolator

➢ Simple to use

➢ Not necessary to dry out your lungs to create a tornado

➢ Incredible herbal taste after the tornado effect

➢ Great side-show to sweep people off their feet


We've tried other tornado bongs in the past, but this type is the only one that enhances the herbal taste so much. There’s nothing to dislike about it, honestly. We’re still finding an excuse to test it even now.


If you want to buy a bong online, there's no other place like We have a large variety of bongs and other accessories for weed enthusiasts. This bong is just a tiny portion of our one-stop bong shop. Head over there now if you're wondering what else we've got hiding from you!


In Australia, we’re the leading online bong distributor. Throughout the years, we’ve served countless customers with high-quality products. Our Tornado bongs are very popular, especially among the youth, but anyone can enjoy it.


As long as you’re a weed enthusiast and you want to try something new, we definitely recommend it.


Your smoking experience will definitely go up a notch, both in terms of aestheticism and overall taste. While a glass bong doesn’t decrease the taste of your herbs, it also won’t enhance it. However, that’s for standard glass bongs. This is not an ordinary glass bong, not by any standard.


We hope to see you there soon!


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